Politics – The Great Alienator

Politics drives me nuts. You’re either a Democrat or a Republican, Right Wing or Left Wing. How about being the whole bird instead of just one wing? And then there are our politicians who only enhance this great divide by getting up on their soapboxes and preaching the virtues of their side and the evils of… Continue reading Politics – The Great Alienator

From Cones to Aliens

I was sitting here, just doodling on a piece of paper, when I created this little dog. Something about it looked like an alien to me. It’s has some elements of a dachshund – the long nose, floppy ears – but the eyes were what reminded me of aliens. And I kind of liked it.… Continue reading From Cones to Aliens

Bagels & Cream Cheese

One thing I miss the  most about New York City is the food. Real bagels, NY Pizza, including Sicilian slices, and egg creams. Nobody gets egg creams unless you grew up drinking them. My husband looks at me like I’ve got a third eye growing out of my head whenever I mention these yummy chocolatey… Continue reading Bagels & Cream Cheese

Photo of the Day

Who doesn’t like rubber ducks? They’re adorable.  I saw these little quackery in a store and just had to get a quick photo. The recycle duck really caught my eye (’cause it’s green!), but now I see the dalmatian duck right behind it.

All Coned Out – Almost

Like the energizer bunny, the crazy ideas just keep on coming. For whatever reason, I find sticking to a word and trying to find as many visual puns for that word is the way that my mind works. So I’m still stuck on “cone” as in the thing the vet puts around your pet’s head… Continue reading All Coned Out – Almost

Strange Day Indeed

You know your day is going to be weird when you receive emails from your own email address stating that you’re a hot Russian bride looking for a husband. But can you imagine this kind of day? You wake up, everything is normal, you have your breakfast, take care of the morning constitutional, and then… Continue reading Strange Day Indeed

Oh Happy Daze

Holiday coma. Forget food coma, it’s holiday coma. Or maybe holiday hangover. No wine or alcohol to blame. Maybe all that nice weather? Peach and Bronnie seem to be in that mode too. Not Elmo. He’s barking his little brains out at nothing. Maybe he’s hallucinating that the squirrels are running rampant in the house.… Continue reading Oh Happy Daze