From Cones to Aliens

I was sitting here, just doodling on a piece of paper, when I created this little dog. Something about it looked like an alien to me. It’s has some elements of a dachshund – the long nose, floppy ears – but the eyes were what reminded me of aliens. And I kind of liked it. Definitely not totally your cutesy dog, but not blood and gore either.

drawing of alien dogs
Alien dog process

So then I created multiple versions of it in different colors, played around with the eyes a bit to make them more cute than alien and even created a girl one with a pink bow on her head. Wow.

drawings of alien dogs
Many aliens

Now what do I do with them? This is one of those times were I created something that wasn’t based on an idea I had in mind (like the coney island design), but something that just happened organically. They hatched. A friend of mine said they would be great for social commentary, very tongue in cheek. Hmm, not a bad idea. Especially because alien can be taken a number of ways. Plus “alien” also gives me the opportunity to use “alienate” and I’m sure I can find a number of ways of using these little guys to do that. So, my first born Alien Dogs design was born. Expect to see more of them.

alien dogs
Alien Dogs – the beginning

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