Dachshunds Galore

Dachshunds come in many colors, from black and tan to beige to dappled to red. This adorable and cute custom design includes wiener dogs galore, in all the colors you’ll love. 

New Floral Products

I’ve been experimenting with new designs and now have a line of products with this retro floral design. For all of you pickleball lovers, how about a custom paddle? Retro Floral Pattern Pickleball Paddle by Cold_Nose_Design Or maybe wrapping paper? Retro Floral Pattern by Cold_Nose_Design I also have coffee mugs, aprons, towels and other products.… Continue reading New Floral Products

Cute Dachshund Dog Stickers

Dachshund Dog Stickers by Cold_Nose_Design New! Dachshund stickers are now available on Zazzle. More to come!

Resting Dachshund Post-It Notes

Resting Dachshund Post-It Notes by Cold_Nose_Design This cute little resting dachshund on the yellow post-it note pad is a great addition to anyone’s office or home. The wiener dog sticky note is perfect for to do lists, shopping lists, or for reminders. So if you love sausage dogs or doxies, this is a great gift. Now… Continue reading Resting Dachshund Post-It Notes

Dachshund Valentine’s Card

Dachshund Valentine’s Card by Cold_Nose_Design Have a Wienerful Valentine’s Day! This cute little wire haired dachshund with the puppy dog eyes would make a great Valentine’s card for lovers of wiener dogs, sausage dogs, and doxies. The cute little hearts add to this card to show someone how much you love them. This card is… Continue reading Dachshund Valentine’s Card

Flying Dachshund Post It Note To Do List

Valentines Dachshund To Do List by Cold_Nose_Design A flying dachshund dog in a red heart makes this to do list perfect for those who love wiener dogs, sausage dogs, and doxies. Need to make a grocery list? Maybe a daily list of tasks for work or home projects? This cute little dog could even make… Continue reading Flying Dachshund Post It Note To Do List

More Dachshund Christmas Gifts

Here are some new products with my Dachshund in a Stocking design for all you Doxie and Wiener Dog lovers. You’ll find a post-it note To Do List, a wireless charger (the round green thing), a very nice water bottle and a customizable Christmas card. You can edit the content on the front and inside… Continue reading More Dachshund Christmas Gifts

New Design!

My newest design – a dachshund in a Santa stocking, just in time for Christmas. This is now available on Post-It notes, as a Christmas card, or as a sticker.

Dachshund Christmas Ornaments

My newest creations. Not only are these ornaments available, but so are cards, magnets, and more. You’ll find these on my Cafepress site.

New Dachshund Christmas Card

Dachshund wearing a santa hat, ready for christmas.

So in all this craziness, it was about time I did something more creative. Ta da!! A new Dachshund Christmas card design available at Zazzle! There will be more in the near future. BTW, if you like the design, you can put it on other products too and even change the content.