New Design!

My newest design – a dachshund in a Santa stocking, just in time for Christmas. This is now available on Post-It notes, as a Christmas card, or as a sticker.

Dachshund Christmas Ornaments

My newest creations. Not only are these ornaments available, but so are cards, magnets, and more. You’ll find these on my Cafepress site.

New Dachshund Christmas Card

Dachshund wearing a santa hat, ready for christmas.

So in all this craziness, it was about time I did something more creative. Ta da!! A new Dachshund Christmas card design available at Zazzle! There will be more in the near future. BTW, if you like the design, you can put it on other products too and even change the content.

A New Bronnie Product

My new product! Bronnie the Dachshund Popsocket grip for your phone or tablet. This was my baby boy who passed suddenly last year . Just a nice way to remember him. I’m giving it a go with trying to sell my designs on Amazon. We’ll see how this works out!


This last year we made a big move – to Monterey, California. Both of us found ourselves working from home, so why not do it someplace beautiful? Our youngest one, Elmo, is loving it. He’s getting plenty of off-leash time here, hiking in the forest and running on the beach. And although Peach can no… Continue reading Changes

Saying Goodbye to LeBron

This year went by so fast and so much has changed. We moved to Monterey (beautiful), our Peach girl lost her eyesight, and unfortunately, we lost our LeBronnie. It was very unexpected which made it even harder.   LeBron had the biggest personality for such a little guy. He was easily bored by going for… Continue reading Saying Goodbye to LeBron

Wiener Races

The latest product in my store! It’s been a busy year or two and now I’m trying to find more time to getting back to my designs. Wiener Racing spiral notebook by Cold_Nose_Design

Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah,
& Merry Christmas

There are so many choices for saying, “Have a Wonderful Time During this Holiday Season”. My dogs are celebrating by standing in the kitchen, doing their best to be under foot, hoping that some yummy morsel will make it to the floor. Posing for the photo required bribery of the food type for all three… Continue reading Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah,
& Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays!

My fur kids and I wish you all Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah and more. It took a lot of wrangling of my husband to get this picture of my three fur kids (Elmo, Peach and LeBron). He’s not as well trained as they are! I would love to see your holiday photos of… Continue reading Happy Holidays!

Wiener Winter Wonderland

The holidays are here and everyone is out there shopping their brains out. It’s my favorite time to avoid the malls. People get crazy, they get aggressive and they’ll run you over if you’re not careful. I would much rather do my shopping either at the small local places with unique items or online away… Continue reading Wiener Winter Wonderland