Happy New Year

This has been an “interesting” year and I hope for everyone that 2016 brings happiness and good health! Peach, Elmo and Bronnie will see you all next year!

Beach Day for the Dogs

And it was a beautiful day. How can you beat it? Beautiful sunshine, lots of dogs on the beach in Carmel, and lots of whale spouts just off the shore. The doggies were all sporting their winter jackets and looked quite dashing.   Elmo,my chihuahua, has found that peeing on sandcastles is a favorite past… Continue reading Beach Day for the Dogs

Twas the beach day after Christmas

And the dogs are suited up for a day at the beach in Carmel. It’s chilly, but the sun is shining.  Elmo, the tiny chihuahua on the right, is the one who loves the beach the most. He’ll be doing zoomies and marking sand castles.

Sad Bronnie

Peach drank all my wine. She didn’t even save me a drop. I’ll just photobomb this pic as payback. Yes, I’m a sad dachshund today.  

Rewards Equal Results

Herding dogs or humans to get something done can be just as challenging as herding cats. This is our first year with LeBron (Bronnie), our dachshund, as a member of the family and I decided to take photos of all three dogs together. They were everywhere – on the bed, off the bed, checking out… Continue reading Rewards Equal Results

Design Binging

You’ve heard of TV binging where you sit down and watch a whole 5 seasons of a TV show until your butt falls asleep and you can’t get off the sofa. Well, I’m design binging. First it was just dachshund stuff, then I got on a tear about cones, then alien dogs. The alien dogs… Continue reading Design Binging

The Family Holiday Photos

What would we do without all those wonderful photos taken at holiday time? You know you’re one of those crazy animal people when you dress up your pets, take their photo, and use it to send as your holiday card to your friends. Guilty as charged! There are the cute photos of Peach and Elmo,… Continue reading The Family Holiday Photos

Politics – The Great Alienator

Politics drives me nuts. You’re either a Democrat or a Republican, Right Wing or Left Wing. How about being the whole bird instead of just one wing? And then there are our politicians who only enhance this great divide by getting up on their soapboxes and preaching the virtues of their side and the evils of… Continue reading Politics – The Great Alienator

From Cones to Aliens

I was sitting here, just doodling on a piece of paper, when I created this little dog. Something about it looked like an alien to me. It’s has some elements of a dachshund – the long nose, floppy ears – but the eyes were what reminded me of aliens. And I kind of liked it.… Continue reading From Cones to Aliens

Bagels & Cream Cheese

One thing I miss the  most about New York City is the food. Real bagels, NY Pizza, including Sicilian slices, and egg creams. Nobody gets egg creams unless you grew up drinking them. My husband looks at me like I’ve got a third eye growing out of my head whenever I mention these yummy chocolatey… Continue reading Bagels & Cream Cheese