Beach Day for the Dogs


And it was a beautiful day. How can you beat it? Beautiful sunshine, lots of dogs on the beach in Carmel, and lots of whale spouts just off the shore. The doggies were all sporting their winter jackets and looked quite dashing.

So how do I look in plaid?
Are you hiding nummies in your pocket?


Are we there yet?

Elmo,my chihuahua, has found that peeing on sandcastles is a favorite past time. Fortunately, he’s usually empty by the time he reaches them and just goes through the motions. Being in California, we have our own version of a snowman – he’s made of sand and all my dogs thought it worthy to check out.

California Snowman

I totally expected him to visit Mr. Sandman/Snowman, but surprise of all surprises, Peach, my Chiweenie, took the honors. You just never know what they’re going to do.

What Peach thinks of Snowman

Elmo also thinks he’s much bigger than he is. Running out to check all the big dogs is really a challenge. Maybe I should get him a ladder for Christmas. Better yet, his own hook and ladder truck with a driver. Or a cherry picker. Just check him out:

And even as we got ready to leave, they were all still raring to go!

Can’t we stay here?

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