Design Binging

You’ve heard of TV binging where you sit down and watch a whole 5 seasons of a TV show until your butt falls asleep and you can’t get off the sofa. Well, I’m design binging. First it was just dachshund stuff, then I got on a tear about cones, then alien dogs.

The alien dogs are still here and will probably continue to make regular appearances. They’re cute and strange, just like my dogs and my husband. Well, the latest combination of the puns and alien dogs resulted in Dog Droppings.

dog poop
Alien dogs falling from the sky

Now back to the whole design binging. After not “creating” for some time, it’s like someone let the kid loose in the candy store. Stuff just keeps popping into my head, running down my arm and into the computer.

If I seep this up, I won’t be able to get off my chair. My butt will have fallen asleep! Like this design? It’s on cafepress at

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