The Family Holiday Photos

What would we do without all those wonderful photos taken at holiday time? You know you’re one of those crazy animal people when you dress up your pets, take their photo, and use it to send as your holiday card to your friends. Guilty as charged!

There are the cute photos of Peach and Elmo, my Chiweenie and Chihuahua (both adopted from Humane Society Silicon Valley), in their doggy scarves and Peach in her holiday dress by the fireplace.

Peach and Elmo in their winter scarves
Is my scarf on right?
Peach and Elmo at Christmas
Should I smile now?
Peach by the fireplace
Is my date here yet?

And then there are the funny photos. Maybe not so funny to Elmo wearing the reindeer antlers or Peach with the wreath around her head. But they tolerate us humans and they get their fair share of treats in return. And they’ll get to spend a day at the beach, weather permitting. The best part of all this? Seeing how much fun they have running around in the sand, sniffing new things, meeting new people and pups. And on the ride home we have three sacked out doggies all worn from a day of fun.

Elmo in reindeer antlers
Freakin’ reindeer antlers!
Peach with Wreath around her head
What did I do wrong?

I can’t think of a better way to spend the holidays. Oh, and Bronnie’s photos will be coming soon (no he doesn’t get to escape the embarrassment).

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