Politics – The Great Alienator

Politics drives me nuts. You’re either a Democrat or a Republican, Right Wing or Left Wing. How about being the whole bird instead of just one wing? And then there are our politicians who only enhance this great divide by getting up on their soapboxes and preaching the virtues of their side and the evils of the other side. Ugh.

But there is one good thing about politics and that is, every now and then one clown comes along that adds some humor to the mix. Someone who really stirs the pot and in some ways, unites people. Okay, those who really his rhetoric, well, let’s just gloss over that.

In this election, it’s Donald Trump. Really people?!? I keep expecting him to drop out and say “I’m fired” and this was all a joke. Hasn’t happened yet. Gotta say, the man is doing a great job alienating people in his own party. And that hairdo of his.


What more can I say? In his honor, the alien dogs decided to get all Trumped Up. Do I like him? Do I hate him? It doesn’t matter. He’s a great source of humor no matter what.

Speaking of alienating, boy the phrase “Happy Holidays” has been one that’s been on fire this year. People all over are getting bent out of shape over using this expression instead of Merry Christmas. Well, I’m sticking with Happy Holidays, so I can include those celebrating Hanukah or Kwanzaa or whatever else. I’d prefer not to assume all my friends are Christians. And so is true of the alien dogs. I think they’re tired of the debate too.


If they amuse you enough, you find a t-shirt or a mug with their adorable alien faces on my cafe press site at http://cafepress.com/coldnosedesign.

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