Oh Happy Daze

Holiday coma. Forget food coma, it’s holiday coma. Or maybe holiday hangover. No wine or alcohol to blame. Maybe all that nice weather? Peach and Bronnie seem to be in that mode too. Not Elmo. He’s barking his little brains out at nothing. Maybe he’s hallucinating that the squirrels are running rampant in the house. Maybe he just can’t wait to put on his new harness and go out.

Going Hawaiian
Going Hawaiian

Yes, it was a trip to the Holiday Art Faire this weekend too. I’ve become one of those pet owners. I buy more “stuff” for my dogs than for anyone else. That’s okay, they in turn offer their services as hot water bottles during the evening. They all ended up with new harnesses. Now they can look like they’re all ready for Hawaii.

How do I look?
How do I look?

Of course Peach is wondering, where the food is instead.

Peach looking for food
Yeah, great outfit, how about food now?

At least Bronnie was excited about the new clothes.

Happy Dog!
Happy Dog!

So what better to do than add a new design to my site? Nothing beats a happy dachshund.

Happy Happy!
Happy Happy!

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