The Thanks We Give

Adorable Puppy
Adorable Puppy

Now that I have your attention, let’s talk about the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Did you know that’s  #GivingTuesday? And just what is that? It’s your chance to give thanks in a whole new way, from volunteering at a local shelter, soup kitchen, or some other place that has special meaning to you. From fundraising to volunteering to pro bono service, #GivingTuesday is a great way to give back to others in your community. You don’t have to be a world leader or a billionaire to give back. #GivingTuesday is about ordinary people coming together doing extraordinary things.

Some things that you can do:
  • Volunteer at a charity, a shelter, or another organization that needs help.
  • Organize a donation drive for food, clothing or other items for people  or animals in need.
  • Donate to a nonprofit that you support.
  • Email your friends to tell them about #GivingTuesday.

There’s no one specific place to give your time or money. As Nike used to say, “Just Do It.”

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