Strange Day Indeed

You know your day is going to be weird when you receive emails from your own email address stating that you’re a hot Russian bride looking for a husband. But can you imagine this kind of day?

You wake up, everything is normal, you have your breakfast, take care of the morning constitutional, and then you pile into the car with one of your family members. Right now you’re thinking, “Great! We’re going somewhere!”, but you have no idea where.

The next thing you know, you stop at a place you’ve never been before, with strange sights and smells and you don’t know a single soul. Your family member talks to someone for a little while, and then they leave without you.

First, you think, “Hey, did you forget me? I’m right here! Come back!”, but they don’t. A few minutes later, the stranger takes you away into a room, then finds you a bed and leaves you there. All of a sudden, your whole world is turned upside down.

What happened? What’s going on?

This scenario happens everyday, for animals (and even some kids). For whatever reason, they end up surrendered and without a home, with no understanding of what’s going on. How would you adjust? Probably not very well.

This is why fostering an animal is so important. Just like fostering children, fostering means stability for an animal – a routine, a warm home, people to be with and learn from. Someone who will play with you. Something much more like home than a shelter. A chance to thrive and be “yourself”.

I am foster dog. I have it ruff.

Many people aren’t even aware that you can foster animals. It works very similar to fostering children. You make room in your home and life for a temporary visitor, while a permanent home is found. In many cases, food and medical treatments¬†are supplied by the shelter or organization (but check first). And you are rewarded with a new friend. What better way to make a difference. If you’re considering getting a pet this season, why not try fostering a pet? Yes, it’s okay to end up adopting your foster. I did it three times!



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