All Coned Out – Almost

Like the energizer bunny, the crazy ideas just keep on coming. For whatever reason, I find sticking to a word and trying to find as many visual puns for that word is the way that my mind works. So I’m still stuck on “cone” as in the thing the vet puts around your pet’s head to keep him or her from messing the daylights out of a surgery, or scratching some phantom spot after certain parts have been removed.



Oh, back to designs. So cones are the word and I’m running low. Today I created the “Cone-an O’brien” design and a Silicone Valley one too.



I still have “cone-an the barbarian” in mind and “cone tiki”. After that, I might be out of cone ideas. If you have any and want to throw them in as a comment, please do. You never know, it ¬†might end up on a t-shirt. Please note: no cones were harmed in the creation¬†of these designs. All are available on cafe press/coldnosedesign.

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