Giving your lost pet a lifeline That’s all you need to know. When a pet goes missing, the sooner you can get the word out to people, the better chances of finding your pet and there’s no better way to get the word out to your immediate neighbors. The more people in your community that sign up, the better. In my neighborhood alone, two dogs and one cat have been reunited with their owners.


So how does it work? First, sign up to be on It costs nothing. Then, set up your account to receive notifications via email. This step is really important. If you don’t choose to receive notifications, you’ll never know if someone is looking for their pet (or child!) and the same would be the case if the tables were turned. If you lose or find a pet, post it on with a photo. It’s that simple. Almost everyone has a cell phone these days with a camera, so snap away and post.

Even if you find a lost animal and you bring it to the local shelter, post that on along with the name and location of the shelter. Don’t assume that people will know where to go. You’ll be doing them a HUGE favor by putting this information out there.

Don’t have pets? This could also be your kid, with the exception of the shelter part (I hope).


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