Mummenschanz Revisited by a Chiweenie

I also knew Peach liked to put on a good show. From her crazy, ridiculous, pendulum tail wagging to her “Peach dance” of one foot in the air, then the other. But apparently, she’s decided to try out for a role performing with Mummenschanz, or in her case, MummenPeach.



Her routine started with her typical dog spins to get a comfy place to sleep, but somehow she mistook my sweatshirt for a blanket or a tunnel. Next thing you know, she’s dug her way up through one of the sleeves until she just barely had her head popping out. She was quite comfortable, but didn’t have an easy time making graceful maneuvers. That just might get her disqualified.


So an interesting factoid. The word Mummenschanz comes from German meaning a play involving mummers. And mummer is a term for mime artist, or masquerader. Well, if Peach can’t get in with Mummenschanz, maybe she can perform in next year’s Mummer’s parade in Philadelphia. Either way, she’s gonna need help getting out of the sweatshirt. See all the fun things you are missing if you don’t have a dog? There are plenty out there in shelters just waiting to come home with you and get stuck in your clothes!


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