Something’s Afoot

Feet. There’s no mystery here. When it comes to humans, I find bare feet to be really gross. And even more so when women try to dress them up with all kinds of pretty colors. It’s like, “Look at me, I’m gross and ugly and now that I’ve been painted, you REALLY can’t miss me.” Blechhhh! feet.jpg

So with this obvious disdain for human bare feet (God knows I love shoes), it’s an odd thing that I love dog feet. Yes, technically they are paws, but all of us crazy dog lovers call them feet. In fact, I call Bronnie, my dachshund, Mr. Feet as a nickname. Why? Because he has these cute little stripes on them. And they go so well with his short little legs.

Don’t you love my feets?

And then there was Oliver. He was my foster dog before Bronnie. And his little striped feet just called out to be shown in wiener dog shoes.

Do my feets go with my shoes?


Don’t you like my feet?

And no, it’s not just a sausage dog thing. My Chihuahua, Elmo, and Chiweenie, Peach, have adorable feet too.

Um, isn’t time for a nail trim??

Enough ranting about feet, but am I the only one who loves those little doggy toes?


One thought on “Something’s Afoot

  1. hello lori its dennis the vizsla dog hay us doggeez do hav kyoot feets if i do say so myself!!! i do not mind havving my feets rubbed but hevven help yoo if yoo tried to tutch my layt brother tuckers feets!!! ha ha ok bye

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