Love Them Wiener Dogs

It’s amazing to see how many people love Dachshunds. They are just the strangest, cutest, bossiest, most adorable dogs. And that inspired this design I created for Valentine’s day or any day that you want to show your love for these cutie pies. So many people responded positively to my post on New Year’s Day, that I reworked it into this design. It’s wonderful to see and hear from all of you who also love the little long dogs.

If you want to see more designs or photos or even read my blogs, check out  There’s also a simple version of the design below without the heart if you are interested. Thank you all for following and keep looking for more cute doggy stuff!skipping_dog_valentine-01.png

Happy Happy!

3 thoughts on “Love Them Wiener Dogs

  1. Your friend and our next door neighbor, Laurel sent us your website! We are major doxie lovers, just got Luna, our short hair creme! She is 9 weeks old!! Love your doxie Art!! Thanks, Leslie

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