Smile and say Cheese!

My friend has a Swiss Mountain Dog named Pinky. I keep telling her she needs to get another dog or a cat and name it Brain, but so far, she’s ignoring me. She’s got quite a few other critters, so I won’t take it personally.

One day when talking to her, she kept calling the breed “Swissies” for short and my brain turned to swiss cheese. Then all I could think of was a couple of Swiss Mountain dogs smiling for a camera with a giant grin on their face as someone said, “Smile and say Cheese!” And that’s how this design was born. You can get these on

Swiss Mountain dogs smiling at the camera
Smile and say, “Cheese!”
Swiss Mountain dogs on pillow
I’ll have some swiss on my pillow

One thought on “Smile and say Cheese!

  1. As usual, a good and entertaining one that is clearly from your perspective. Also love your idea about Pinky and The Brain, one of my favorites! Not too many people know about them any more. Happy New Year! πŸΎπŸŽ‰

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