Doing the Dishes

Bronnie is turning out to be quite the domesticated dog. Right after he came home with me, he showed his fascination with the washer and dryer. Every time I went into the laundry room, he would show up and poke his head in the washer or dryer. I kept hoping he was offering to fold the clothes, but I think he decided he needed to supervise instead.

LeBron helping with the laundry
Did you put in the dryer pad?

Now his new domestic chore is to make sure the dishwasher is clean. I left the door open for a minute only to come back to find him inside, looking for scraps.

LeBron helping in the dishwasher
I’ll get the crumbs. Better me than the noisy crunchy thing.

Maybe I can hire him out to a house cleaning service. Or maybe he’ll find another household task to do. These are the funny surprises that come along with adopting a shelter dog. They each have their own adorable personalities and he’s no exception. Of my three, he’s a total love bug when he meets new people. He has taken it upon himself to be the ambassador of dachshund goodwill. All bets are off when he meets squirrels and cats, but when it comes to humans, he feels the need to say hello to all.

Bronnie is also a ball chasing machine. He’s 9 years old, but no one has told him that. Get out that rubber ball and we’re going to be playing fetch for hours. To him, that’s almost as exciting as when the leash comes out. He’s a very vocal little guy – not barking, but grunting and moaning with excitement.

And at the end of the day, he has a hard time making a decision, “Should I curl up in a lap or go for some more ball time?” Every day is a new adventure with him and it’s always exciting. So if you want this kind of fun in your life, check out the cuties in your local shelter. They come in all sizes and shapes and all kinds of energy levels. Oh, and don’t let the age fool you either. Bronnie doesn’t understand that expression, “Act your age!”

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