Designer Dogs Available

So you don’t want to adopt from a shelter because all they have are Pit Bulls and Chihuahuas, well at least in the San Francisco Bay area. Not! Check out Wagaroo, a site that lists dogs from many shelters in the bay area and even lists dogs for families who can no longer take care of their pet.

I did a quick check today and I found Huskies, a Basenji, an Australian Kelpie, Great Danes, Wiener dogs (my favorite), Pekingese, Norwegian Elkhound, Basset Hounds, and well, you get the picture. Yes, you could also find Chihuahuas and those mush faced Pitty cuties, but you could also find some of those rare designer breeds, like Chiweenies, PomChis, Cockapoos – fancy names for mixed breeds that have all of a sudden become the latest craze. I will admit to having owned a few chiweenies myself.

The point is, if you happen to be looking for a dog and you want that certain breed, they are out there in shelters and in rescue groups. Just Google the breed followed by the term “rescue” and you’ll find plenty of organizations. Why adopt from a breeder when you can find your favorite breed in a shelter or rescue organization? Want a poodle puppy? You’ll find one. Want a pair of mature Great Danes? They have them right now at HSSV. They’d love to go home with you!

With the holiday season coming up, please remember to check out these organizations. You’ll be doing some wonderful for your family and for your new animal friend.

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