Soggy Dog

It’s finally raining! Something we seriously need here in California. So this morning, I open up the back door to the back yard to let the dogs out and they all took one sniff and looked at me like, “Seriously? You think we’re going out there and getting wet? No way!” So, on with my coat and dog harnesses and leashes and out we go. I’ve never seen two dogs go to the bathroom so fast. Peach, (AKA Princess Dry Paws) turns around and heads for the house.

She wants nothing to do with that wet stuff, especially when there’s warm, dry carpet in the house, just waiting for her to pee on. Not this time, sweetie. You would think that if she hates getting wet so much that she’d take care of things quickly. No way. This is Miss Fickle. First let’s sniff every blade of grass as if she was sampling wine. Does it have the right bouquet? No, so we move on to the next patch, after I course correct her, away from the front door.

Next spot, “Hmm, just not what I was looking for. Maybe something in a darker green grass color with hints of Golden Retriever pee?” Once again, heading for the door and me tugging her along. Third time’s a charm. Success!! And she bolts for the front door. So now we are wet and miserable. Maybe that was her plan all along.

Peach in the blanket
I’ll just stay here, thank you very much!

One thought on “Soggy Dog

  1. Sounds just like Sam in the northwest weather. Lots of rain,☔️ 13″ in December alone 💦💦. Very picky finding just the right spot, taking forever. Then snow and ice, 🌨 for the first time in Sam’s life! I wish I’d had my camera to catch him making circles in the new snow as he broke through the crust of ice on top of it with each step. Hilarious to see the steam coming off his rear end! 19 degrees at night 🌬, 30 daytime, although we’re finally back to 30s at nite, 40s daytime, but lots of rain 🌧 still. And you know how Sam HATES to get wet, as that means getting dried off (also hated), and more frequent baths (which he also hates!) Unhappy Sammy. And try to get him in a coat? Yeah, right. Also hated. We’re having a ton of fun this winter. 😜

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