Almost Halloween Time

The weather is getting cooler here already. Well, last week the temperatures were close to 100. Now we’re looking at 60s and 70s. For those of us here in Northern California, that’s Fall weather.

Time to bring out the halloween goodies, starting with a photo of my three musketeers in their costumes. Elmo was not happy that he was chosen to be Eeyore. Oh bother!


And then there’s the new designs, the Halloweener:

Happy Halloweener


And the older designs. Frankenwiener, Count Dachula, Corn Dog and Hollow Wiener:

All of these are available on So show your love for all things wiener!


2 thoughts on “Almost Halloween Time

  1. hello lori its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay halloween!!! that is my dadas fayvrit howliday!!! posibly becuz it wuz also tuckers birthday but i think he liked it eeven befor that!!! yoo doggies mayk kyoot pumpkins!!! ok bye

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