The Multipurpose Dachshund Schnoz

A dachshund’s nose is very versatile and can be used for many things besides sniffing out your dirty laundry. Their noses are the Swiss Army Knives of the dog world. Have a pair of socks that need burying? No problem, the nose turns into a nice trench digger. Need to find that las crumb of food on the floor, the wiener dog switches to vacuum mode. Oh, and they are also great at pointing out and marking every speck of dust on your car windows. With that handy marking tool (aka snot), you’ll have no trouble finding those specks later on.

Bonnie’s nose is no exception. He found that it works quite well as a container opener. He first deploys the high sensitivity tracking device to find the food container.

Bronnie using his nose to open the food bin
Okay, got it under the latch


Once the target has been acquired, he switches his nose to can opener mode, carefully inserting the schnoz under the latch.

Push! Push!

Once in place, the thrusters are set to “on” and up goes the latch. He can now put away the schnoz tool and stand up on the open container, only to realize the drawback of those short little legs. And no, mommy will not give you a boost into the container!

The dachshund nose has opened the food container
Now how do I get to the food?


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