Watch Ya Doing?

Whatcha doing?

I knew there was going to be no peace. I saw him lurking in the shadows, following me, so I quickly bolted around the corner, thinking I would lose him. Yeah, right. My little shadow has an obsession with bathrooms and I knew he would follow me so I took the cell phone along.

What is this all about? He always follows me in, insists on jumping on my leg and insists that I pet him. If I don’t, I get the Bronnie moans or the nose pokes until I comply.

Hey, pay attention here!

Strangest thing about that is he insists on jumping up on the toilet to look in, like there’s a pot of delicious treats or squeaky toys in there, just waiting for him. He’ll just wander in there on his own, just to look in. Maybe he thinks its a communication device to another world. Who knows what goes through the mind of a dachshund. I guess it’s a lot of crap.

Wow! Way cool!

Either way, the human (me) is obviously as amused as the wiener dog. Of course my chihuahua and my chiweenie come in an visit too, but they have never shown the fascination with things INSIDE the toilet that Bronnie has. Thank goodness he hasn’t tried to jump in! And here’s the musical version.


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