Wiener Winter Wonderland

The holidays are here and everyone is out there shopping their brains out. It’s my favorite time to avoid the malls. People get crazy, they get aggressive and they’ll run you over if you’re not careful. I would much rather do my shopping either at the small local places with unique items or online away from the crowds. Well, if that sounds good to you, you can do both! All of my designs are created by me, the little guy (no pun intended with the dachshund thing), and sold on line at

I FINALLY got around to creating my Sausage Dogs Rule! design, which came to me as I packed for vacation and wanted to figure out a way to recognize my suitcase among all the others out there. Every time I travel, my suitcase comes back much worse for wear so I might as well get creative with it.

Inspired by my vacation


The suitcase that started it all

So that’s the new dachshund design right now, but there are other designs too, like the ever popular Dock Sunned

dachshund laying on a dock
How to warm your wiener

And some of the holiday designs

Christmas Wiener dogs
Happy Howlidays


Scottie Holiday Dog
Scottie Holiday Dog

So if you are looking for something unique for your fellow dog lover and you want to support the little guy (me) and you don’t want to go to the mall, go visit my online store for some great gifts. Happy Holidays!


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