Wiener Racing Season is Here

The engines are revved, the tails are wagging, and those long little doggies are ready to bolt. Yes! It wiener racing season! Those little sausage dogs just can’t wait to run the course and get their big mouths on those glorious treats at the other end.

Run for them snausages!


This year will be the first time we take Bronnie to the event. Who knows? We might even enter him in a race. I just know that his super sniffer will go for the first food morsel it smells. But which direction will it be?

I think I won by a nose

If you’re going to the races, you’ll need all your racing gear. Lots of goodies you can bring to show your spirit for the events all at

Maybe a shirt for your dog?

Does this make my butt look big?

Or you?

Don’t you wish you had this?

Or a bag for carrying goodies

Who let the dogs out?

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