Dachshund goes snorkeling in Alaska

Yes, you read that right. My dachshund t-shirt (Dock Sunned) has been taking lessons from the Travelocity gnome. The shirt took it’s first vacation in Belize and got to meet some jellyfish and other critters up close and personal.


belize2.JPG belize3.JPG


And then it made several trips to the Big Island of Hawaii.


The adventure continued in LaPaz where it went snorkeling with the sea lions and whale sharks.

lapaz.png LAPAZ4.jpg

DSC_3179.jpg  DSC_3295.jpg

And let’s not forget the British Virgin Islands, where the water was beautiful – that is, until we were struck with the norovirus. But what’s an adventure without a little puking??


And now the shirt is headed to Alaska to snorkel in Ketchikan. Yes, we just might freeze our butts off, but the shirt won’t care. Want your own shirt? I sell them at http://cafepress.com/coldnosedesign

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