Dog Park Time

Time for a trip to the dog park. Today, the three musketeers all got bundled up in their sweaters and hoodies to weather the subzero temperatures here in California. I think it was 72 degrees, but you just never know when that wind is gonna turn and freeze your butt off.

Everything went well, the dogs behaving, and then the nummy lady showed up. I’d never me her before. She’s a nice lady, playing with her dog, but she held the secret ingredients in her hands – the holy grail of dog treats – hot dogs!


And my three dogs were obviously pigs in a past life, especially Bronnie. Seems that this woman great a new appendage to her leg. Also know as Bronnie. He was later focused and nothing was going to get him to move from his spot. He would not budge. He just sat there moaning as if he hadn’t been fed in ages.

I finally got him away, but every time I turned around, he was right back there, trying his damnedest to pour on his wiener charm for just one bite of that delicious hot dog. He wears his breed well – stubborn little shit, with the cutest face on the planet. I hope the woman who he kept jumping on though so too.IMG_0932




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