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Working at home and attempting to start a creative business has some great perks. You spend a lot more time with your four-legged family members. Good for you and for them, most of the time. Of course you’re creative mind can go down some very strange paths, like what can you dress them up in today, or what might get a reaction out of them you haven’t seen before. No pain or harm allowed.

So today I decided to experiment with profile pictures of Bronnie sitting on the top of the chair, looking through the blinds. They’re almost silhouettes ┬ábecause I intentionally dialed up the contrast.

A few of them I converted to black and white, but I think those with just a touch of color still in them are much more interesting. In the meantime, Bronnie was working on his daily sun routine. Suck up as many rays as possible. Peach and Elmo spent the time on the sofa, turning into toast muffins. Amazing how they’ll stay in the sun even if they’re so hot that they start panting. They’re some serious sun worshippers.

Lesson of the day: You should always take time to create. It allows you to look and think a bout things in a different way that may be beneficial. Just think of some of the crazy things you’ve seen go viral on the internet.

BTW, I’m more than open to your feedback on the Bronnie silhouettes! Please feel free to leave a comment.

Soaking in the Sun
Soaking in the Sun

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